Everything you wanted to know about band camp…and more!!

Spartan HeadBand Camp is the most important marching activity of the year and is required for all band members.  Not only do we learn a lot of important skill including how to march, good musical concepts and portions of our field show, but we also bond as a team.  It is ESSENTIAL that everyone is there.  If for some reason there is a conflict, you must notify Mr. Smith immediately.

Order forms for jackets, shirts, shoes, gloves, and permission slip forms will be distributed at band camp.

If you are a parent and are interested in volunteering during band camp please contact our volunteer coordinator, Maria Short at volunteer@milfordmusicboosters.org.

Camp Info

Date:       Monday-Friday, August 18-22nd and Saturday, August 23rd
(Monday, August 18th is for new members and section leaders only)

Time:       8:00-5:00pm (M-F) and 8:00-8:00pm (SA)

Location:        Milford High School Music Room and Practice Field


Top Ten Things to Know About Band Camp:

10) Wear cool, comfortable, easy-to-move-in clothes (light colors are best).  Wear tennis shoes with socks. DO NOT wear sandals or flip-flops. ALL CLOTHING MUST COMPLY WITH THE MHS DRESS CODE. 

9) Hats and sunglasses are helpful in keeping cool.

8) Please wear sunscreen and reapply on the breaks if necessary.  It takes as little as 5 minutes to get a sunburn!

7) Stay hydrated.  Have a water bottle available all of the time-but remember to take care of it when you’re finished.  Also remember to drink water in the evening before going to bed.

6) Bring a lyre and flip folder for your instrument.  These are available at most music stores.  You can’t perform without them.

5) Be yourself, be open, and make an effort to meet a new person.

4) Bring a pencil to all music rehearsals (this includes sectionals).  Often times we must make cuts or changes to the music and you will need to mark these in the music.

3) Please bring deodorant and never be afraid to REAPPLY!  This will allow you to keep the new friends you’ve just made at camp!

2) EAT BREAKFAST, LUNCH, and DINNER EVERY DAY.  Do not skip a meal.  You will be way too active at camp to afford that.

1) Make the most out of the experience. A successful Band Camp will create a successful marching season. Our success depends on the level of commitment from individual band members.

Spirit Days
Tuesday-Blue and White
Thursday-Section Unity
Friday-Fired-Up Friday
Saturday-Band Shirt

Required Equipment
Winds-Lyre, flip chart, instrument accessories (reeds, valve oil, slide grease, spray bottle, swab, tuning rod, mutes…)
Percussion-Marching sticks, concert sticks, soft mallets, hard mallets, stick bag
Color Guard-TBA

Recommended Equipment
Tuner, Metronome

Private Lesson Program

This year we will bring highly qualified instructors to the high school once per week to provide private instruction to participating students.  The cost will be $20 for 30 minutes of instruction.  More information will be distributed at the beginning of the year.  Information may also be found online by clicking HERE.  Please consider participating.