Private Lessons and the Labor Day Parade

Private Music Lessons-Registration Due by 9/2

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At first sight, private lessons may seem extravagant, self-important, and a bit scary. The truth is that private lessons are the single best way to improve your child’s individual musical abilities.  Private lessons are one-on-one instruction for your child, and your child only.  By studying with one of our quality instructors on a regular basis your child will gain confidence, reduce frustration, increase enjoyment, be on par or ahead of their peers across the country (in many schools 75-95% of their students take private lessons), form positive adult relationships, correct individual music reading, pitch and tone production problems, and the list goes on! Try it.  You should see benefits in just one semester.


Labor Day Parade 9/1

12:30pm Call Time
2:30pm Return
2:30-4:30pm Percussion Sectional 

Music: Call Me Maybe, Cadence, Man of Steel