All That Jazz and Citrus Fundraiser Info

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banner_160x600Dear Spartans,
Bursting with flavor, these just-picked oranges and grapefruit are the perfect way to fundraise. As the long winter months drag on, everyone will appreciate a little Florida sunshine!
Place your order with an individual music student to support their individual travel account.
  Here are the highlights:
-10lb cartons cost $25 and 20lb cartons cost $30.
-Choose from Valencia oranges, red grapefruit, or a mix of oranges and grapefruit.
-Fruit is sweeter in the Spring. Mother Nature has had time to pump more natural sugar into each delicious piece.
-Produce is fresh, fresh, fresh, grown on a family farm, and is not genetically modified in any way.
Here’s our timeline:
Start Date: Monday, January 25
Finish Your Sale: Wednesday, February 17
Accept Delivery: Monday, March 7 through Saturday, March 12
Thank you for supporting our students and program.
(Online ordering is not available)