Important Meeting 4/9/18

To Milford HS Music Parents:
MHS Music – Parent & Student Meeting
Monday, April 9​th​– 6:30 PM in the Music Room
Students and parents- please attend if at all possible!

Spartan Head
Dear MHS Music Parents,
We know that most parents have very busy schedules, but we will be holding a very important meeting for all MHS Music parents and students on Monday, April 9th. If you have a student who is participating in performing arts this year, we need for you and your student to attend this meeting.
We will be discussing a tremendous fundraising opportunity that we have coming up, and the company we are working with has offered to contribute $300 to our program if we have a minimum of 50 parents in attendance, and $5 per parent after 50. Our goal is to help the MHS Music Boosters, and your students, raise a combined $7000 this year!
This is an easy opportunity to support our program and help reduce the cost of your student’s trips, lessons, etc., just by sharing a few minutes of your time. Please be there!
The meeting will be held on Monday, April 9th at 6:30PM in the music room.
We look forward to seeing you at this quick, but important, meeting!
Jen Mailoux, Becky Anderson, MHS Music Boosters
Brad Smith, Jenn Erdody, Music Directors