Tradition of Excellence

The spartan band program consists of the Milford Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Spartan Marching Band, Percussion Ensemble (CRASH), and Color Guard (SPIN). The spartan band philosophy is centered on excellence, pride, spirit and class. It is expected that all members of the Milford band program commit to these ideals so that we can achieve at our fullest potential.

The Milford Band Mission Statement

“We, the Spartans of the Milford High Band, will honor the privilege to participate and perform in all aspects of our program. In order to respect every unique individual we must understand everyone’s differences and beliefs. We will do more than what’s expected to go above and beyond with the intent to serve. We will exude intensity through emotion, passion, and our ferocious perseverance to achieve our full potential. As members, we band together for the common goal of bringing spirit and enthusiasm into all we do. As we strive to achieve our goals as a team, we can reach our potential together.”