All State Jazz

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2018 How Long Has This Been Going On Recording
2018 How Long Has This Been Going On_Sheet Music
2018 Invitation_All State Audition Recording (No Drums)
2018 Invitation_Recording_Style Reference
2018 Invitation_Sheet Music
Blues in the Key of Bb Concert_Recording

2017 All State Jazz Audition Requirements and Music
2017 All State Jazz – Tuning Note – My Foolish Heart
2017 All State Jazz – My Foolish Heart
Blues in the Key of F Concert
You Stepped Out of a Dream (drum track)
Recordings: F Blues and Foolish Heart
Bb Jazz Etude

Bb Jazz Foolish Heart
Eb Jazz Etude
Eb Jazz Foolish Heart
Treble Clef Jazz Etude
Treble Clef Foolish Heart
Bass Clef Jazz Etude
Bass Clef Foolish Heart